We do more than say we value our team, we show it.

Oneida Innovations Group is a tribally owned enterprise of the Oneida Indian Nation, the fifth largest employer in the sixteen counties that make up Central New York, along with collective performance locations in nearly a dozen states across the U.S.
We actively invest in attracting and cultivating top talent at every level of our organization. From competitive signing bonuses and salaries to comprehensive health insurance, the value we place in our employees shows through our exceptional benefits package. Learn more below.
As one of the largest employers in Central New York, we understand the importance of providing a dependable health care plan for our employees and their families. Our healthcare plans include Medical, Dental and Vision plans, with FSA and HSA options available.
Paid time off, sick pay and holiday pay are a part of most of our compensation packages. The amount of PTO varies by organization and contract.
We encourage employees of any age to take advantage of our employer match for qualifying 401K retirement contributions. Please note that the company match and terms vary by organization and employment status, with even contract employees able to participate.
OIG: We encourage our team to continue to challenge themselves and grow in the rapidly evolving industries we’re in, and are fully committed to supporting that growth. That’s why, across Oneida Innovations Group, we offer tuition reimbursement as long as it is approved and beneficial to your career. This includes approved certifications.
OTS | CLF: Given the unique nature of the work we do through Oneida Technical Solutions and Croop-LaFrance Inc., we also pay for required certification as well as those continuing education credits needed to maintain certification. Across Oneida Innovations Group, we are fully committed to investing in our team’s strength and success.
OIG: Oneida Innovations Group is an exciting environment for those looking for advancement opportunities. All positions are tiered, allowing for upward mobility as well as the opportunity to move into more specialized areas within the group. You’ll find a highly functioning, collaborative team with a lot of exposure to a variety of sectors of IT (networking, systems, applications, etc.).
OTS | CLF: Because the work performed by team members of Oneida Technical Solutions and Croop-LaFrance is spelled out by each contract, advancement opportunities are more fluid.
Those with the flexibility to relocate can find even more opportunities to transfer to other contracts. Across all of our OIG organizations we offer relocation assistance and temporary housing.


To learn more about benefits, please call 315-829-8967 or e-mail


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