Our History

The Oneida Indian Nation is an indigenous nation of Native American people whose sacred and sovereign homelands are located in Central New York. A key ally of the United States during the Revolutionary War, it has been a cultural and economic anchor for the region.
As an enterprise of the Oneida Indian Nation, proudly recognized as steadfast First Allies to the United States since 1777, Oneida Innovations Group (OIG) was built on the same legacy of trust dating back to the founding of the country.
The Oneida’s steadfast commitment to protecting sensitive information and keeping it from falling into the wrong hands predates the birth of the Internet – by more than 200 years. In fact, it predates the birth of a nation.

About Us

Many IT services companies approach IT solutions from a purely technological standpoint. Our coming of age in the casino gaming and hospitality industry - complex security and regulated environments - supporting New York’s most awarded resort and casino means our approach is not only technically sophisticated, but also highly customer centric.
OIG’s foundation providing true Enterprise IT support enables us to assist customers with broad requirements, or dive deeper with more narrow focus (and sometimes niche) expertise. We do so from a solution-agnostic perspective as a professional services company, not a pure reseller, keeping your best interests in mind. Working with OIG, you can expect transparent, honest communications and a team-oriented approach to supporting your requirements.



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