A full-service information technology professional services firm serving the DoD and leading industries from defense to higher education, healthcare to hospitality

Choosing where to place your trust when it comes to aligning with a full-service information technology firm isn’t as simple as scanning a list of capabilities. If only it was that easy.

So why choose Oneida Innovations Group? Simply put, Oneida is a name synonymous with trust. Confidence. Excellent customer service. Loyalty. Things you won’t find on a spec sheet or bulleted benefits list. The sort of things that help you sleep better at night. All of us. Including our IT modernization clients, ranging from innovative, progressive industries such as casino gaming to upgrading systems and infrastructure of the DoD and its foreign allies. No small task. Or large-scale computer facilities management, supporting systems and populations in excess of 20,000 end users.

We help clients solve the complex challenges created by today’s global environment by delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions without compromise.

What can we do for you?


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End-to-end IT solutions include:

●       Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing

●       Configuration Management

●       Data Center Architecture, Operations & Maintenance

●       Cloud Migration for Legacy Applications

●       Data Visualization and Analysis

●       Database Management & Administration

●       Diverse System Integration

●       Applications Management

●       Information Assurance and cybersecurity

●       Intrusion Detection and Prevention

●       IT Service Desk & Field Support

●       Remote 24/7 Secure Call Center

●       Program and Project Management

●       Network & Telecommunications Design, Engineering and Operations

●       Server & Systems Administration

●       Software Engineering and Development

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