Come for an opportunity, stay for a career.

How often do you find a place where people still spend an entire career? Talk to some of our employees, men and women from countless cultures and backgrounds who have built and advanced their careers here over the past 10 years, 20 years and more. You’ll find that our measure of success isn’t just client satisfaction – it’s also job satisfaction, with robust career paths for all experience levels.
At Oneida Innovations Group, success is about the work we do making a difference, not just for those we serve but in the lives of our employees and the communities where we live. Ours is a culture built on diversity, where seeing the world through others’ eyes also means seeing new ideas and discovering new paths others miss. 
Does all that make our employees loyal? You bet it does. And that loyalty goes both ways. As an economic engine for the region, the Oneida Indian Nation reinvests in the Central New York landscape on every level, including education, healthcare, technology, arts and culture.
Wherever you are in your career, we invite you to join us, and be a part of something bigger. Show us where you shine. We’ll help you shine even brighter. 
Oneida Innovations Group supports the Oneida Indian Nation’s properties, which affords opportunities to support technology across multiple highly secure, highly regulated industries like hospitality, healthcare, law enforcement, oil/gas, education and more. You’ll find full-time positions with exceptional benefits and numerous opportunities for growth and advancement.
Having a personality well-suited to a hospitality environment, along with a willingness to learn and flexibility to work off-hours, also makes candidates a good fit for our team in general.
If you bring required certifications or clearances, you also have the opportunity to express interest in one of our DoD contracts, whether it’s to hone your skills or advance your career.
Oneida Technical Solutions and Croop-LaFrance Inc. support U.S. Department of Defense government contracts for military installations across the country. As such, they are generally long-term contract positions. This affords great opportunities to work and grow in a DoD environment with a role well-matched to your specific skill sets.
In addition to specific skill sets, often these positions require certifications and clearances that are non-negotiable. Even if you come into Oneida Innovations Group on a contract position, the breadth of organizations within OIG and diversity of our team affords the ability to apply to move throughout the group to a permanent position. You may come for a contract and stay for a career.
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